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Why Being Passive Hurts Relationships

Someone has said or did something offensive to you regarding your family or those that you work with, and instead of addressing the issues, you avoid talking about them hoping that they would all just go away and that everyone would just get along. Well, this isn’t an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and in the end your show will be called Everybody Hates Raymond if you don’t start solving problems. If you feel you are guilty of this sort of behavior, then this article was written for you.

For the purpose of this article, we will define passive as receiving or enduring without resistance, according to the Webster’s New Ideal Dictionary. When was the last time you received a problem that needed to be solved and you either passed it on to someone else or ignored it? Have you ever been placed in a situation where you had to stand up for your beliefs or defend someone else, but backed down because you didn’t want to face any possible negative repercussions for speaking out?

No o…

How to Know Your Mate is Abusive

When a woman first meets a man she doesn't know his upbringing, the company he keeps, what he likes to do in his spare time and most of all whether he has a disease or not. She can only make a determination of the man's character initially by how he looks, his mannerisms, what he says and how he treats her and the people around them. As she becomes increasingly more interested in him, she begins to trust him and will gradually let her "guard down". She will buy him gifts, offer to help him with cooking and housework, impress his family and friends and take part in his interests. While she is growing a fondness for him, he may be ready to have a relationship with her, but struggle with a dark past in the process.

What is in this man's dark past that the woman is not aware? For some men, it is a pattern of abusive behaviors toward women. It may have started when he witnessed his mother being beat by his dad, a live-in boyfriend or someone else. There may have been …

12 Ways to be Happy During Your Financial Storm

Back in the good ole' days, you had money to splurge, friends came around often and everyone seemed to be happy for you. Yet, one day, something happened to turn your finances upside down and now all you can do is think of how to get yourself out of this mess. It seems as if the financial storm is lasting longer than the financial sunshine, so what do you do? How do you get past the sadness, frustration, anger and confusion?

The following suggestions may help you cope and if you choose to use them, your storm may not last for long. (As we all know storms don't last for always.)

Put whatever change you have aside from spending money and begin to save. As crazy as it may seem, saving during a financial crisis will provide you with the hope that you need to get out of your situation.

Don't talk to everyone about your being "broke" or "poor," this doesn't help you with keeping a positive attitude. Family members can become negatively affected as well i…

How to Become a Mentor with a Heart of Gold: What Every Network Marketer Should Know

Another door slams, after an hour in a half of yelling, some of you are growing weary of trying to convince someone you love that the problem they are having with you is their problem. However, if you sit quietly and truly think about what is it about you that annoys them, they will be right and you will be wrong. This scenario is what seems to happen in the end with multi-level marketing businesses.

Someone brings you into a "slam bam thank you maam" relationship and when you call them out on it, they want to silently argue with you by simply not being available or answering you with useful information. Eventually you fall, because no one wanted to be in a long-term committed relationship with you they just wanted to take from you. You have now found an opportunity that makes you a mentor and you don't want to be taken advantage of or take advantage of others.

In order to do this, you must make a note to yourself that you are in the business for a long-lasting relationshi…