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Nicholl shares cool tips, experiences traveling and audio website for podcasting

Nicholl provides some of her personal travels on the Audioboom site.  This is a great way to share audio. See and listen here.  Check out Nicholl's YouTube channel "budgettraveltips" link.  It is located in description box on Audioboom web page.  Enjoy!  

October 31, 2008 It All Began - NMENTERPRISE7

When I joined YouTube back in 2008 as NM Enterprise 7, I had a simple objective to market books and share videos of myself and children doing some interesting things like family activities and traveling.  Since many of my relatives were out of town, I thought it was a good idea to have some fun passing on a bit of our lives to them.  However, God had something else in store.  Over the years I prayed the kind of prayers that changed everything! 

The mission of the YouTube channel went from marketing my books, articles and blogs to providing practical wisdom to assist people with personal challenges.  The benefits have been rewarding and so many viewers have responded with kind words and praise reports.

I will always be a writer first, but speaking is also my gift.  It is not something that I take lightly or my faith.  It's been eight interesting years, I look forward to seeing what God has in store for the future! 

Below is a glimpse of analytics related to my YouTube channel.  I…