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Just a Little Something...

It is rare that I find something so simple, yet so moving!  This link is just a friendly reminder to take one day at a time and while you are doing that it outlines some things that we seriously need to do!  Let this link be a blessing to you and yours and please share.  The writer is no longer with us, but his words live on!$2/

For My Writer Friends...

I thought you might be interested in two writer sites I have been following for years via email.

The first is Nick's Writing Blog.  He shares interesting tips related to the publishing industry and his personal experiences and his site has a freelance board.  Learn more here.

The second is Trent Steele's  On this site you will not only find useful publishing tools to help you improve your writing skills and create your best work, but there is also a forum where you can meet fellow writers like yourself!

Both sites have partnered with one another.  Definitely worth checking out!

7 Things You Worry About When You Shouldn't

Ever feel yourself getting upset over the littlest of things?  Do you often worry about things that end up not even being a big deal?  Why do we bother over issues that really are meaningless and will not help us or our families if we choose to waste time and money concerning them.

One.  Worrying over things beyond your control like incidents that happen on the job, at home and elsewhere.

Sometimes things happen unexpectedly and so situations like this are inevitable.  Of course, you want things to run smoothly, but we don't always get what we want in life.  Mistakes happen, people lose their cool, get sick, and leave.  Cursing, crying, and bad-mouthing about those people and things we can't control is going to accomplish what?  A negative energy that comes from you and then infects anyone you comes in your presence.

Two.  People we don't like.

You might worry over someone or a group that you don't like finding out that you don't like them.  So you worry that your n…