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YouTube - ‪nmenterprise7's Channel‬‏

When I am not writing, I enjoy video blogging and audio recordings. Feel free to view my latest work on You Tube and thank you for your support!

YouTube - ‪nmenterprise7's Channel‬‏

11 Signs You Need Some "Me Time"

Sometimes we all get bogged down with family, jobs, friends, and more. Like a child, we just don't know when to quit playing and just relax. I thought of some signs I have noticed with myself and others when it is time for a little "me time."

Something for the Men: A Wise Woman is Your Best Friend

Reconnecting with You Again: Something for the Women


Looking for Me on Associated Content/Yahoo?

You won't find me on Associated Content/Yahoo anymore. Simply put, I looked in my inbox one day to find that one of my audio recordings on making money blogging was a violation of terms. Rather than just delete the recording, the entire account was deleted after three years of service which equates to almost 600 articles, over 30 videos and 50 plus recordings. But after the shock wore off, I took out my cds with my material over the years and connected with other businesses, it was just that easy.

Good thing, all my articles and other content I owned full rights. You see, if I hadn't selected the full rights option on just about all of my work with the exception of a handful of articles, they would still be making money on my material despite my account being deleted. You never know working online, writing for others, what can possibly happen from one day to the next. So I encourage fellow writers to back up all work you deem important offline and don't give away all of y…

Programmed by the Media

In recent years, I awoke gradually, to the realization that my thoughts were never my own as long as I fed my mind a daily dose of: television, radio, print, and Internet news for hours non-stop. When would I ever allow for time to simply think for myself—to draw my own conclusions about what I saw and read?

The people who I trusted to be my mentors and teachers were big TV watchers too. They offered me advice based on what they “heard or read somewhere.” I had been a victim of a plan for my life that included lies, pre-conceived notions, stereotypes, ignorance, and religious propaganda from both the good and evil sides. When I looked around at what I thought was my reality, reflected on my past, and envisioned what my future might look like, it was a hard-truth to swallow, that nothing was as it seemed, I like so many others, had been programmed to ignore me.

“Who was I really? How did I get here? Whose idea was it to create nature? What was my purpose? Why is one of the old…