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Happy Thanksgiving!

Well the year is almost coming to a close! The decorations are showing up here and there around my local area. I don't know, but the spark, the happy feeling, just isn't there like it once was for me. Times are changing. There is a mass deception just about everywhere I look! From the prices I see on some merchandise to the servers at some of these restaurants that boast about friendliness and cleanliness. People are doing things for the money first and the people second or sometimes not at all! I am saddened, but not surprised, because the Bible warns us of these last days.

However, despite all the foolishness, I realize that I am responsible for my own happiness; therefore, I take each day one at a time. I also am learning to pay close attention to some of the food and drink that don't contribute to my happiness like yesterday when I ate a breakfast feast fit for a king and then later felt miserable (I won't be doing that today!)

Well thanks as always for stop…